Shred Shop 10,000 sq ft store


After 20 years Shred Shop Always strives to bring Chicagoland the best selection of Snowboard, Skateboard, Longboard, Stand Up Paddle Boards and All Boarding gear Available.  Thanks for your support!

The 80's

Back in 1988 Owner Chris Bachman, after a full day of snowboarding in Jackson Hole, was having a few drinks with friends discussing that a shop in the Chicago area would be a great idea. He returned home with this new idea and pitched it to his Mom and Dad. The Shred Shop was born and the rest is history.

The 90's

Originally a mail order company run out of  a 500 sq ft office inside the family parachute company. As the popularity for snowboarding and skateboarding grew so did the Shred Shop. Local customers found out the location and wanted to come to see everything in person. Soon the shop grew to a 750 sq feet.

In 1994 the shop moved four doors to the west into a 5000 sq ft building retail store with a warehouse.

The 00's

In 2003 the Shed Shop moved down the street again to a brand new two story 10,000 sq ft retail store. Shred shop is dedicated to providing the best cutting edge products in the snow, skate, Stand Up Paddle Boards and wakeboarding industries.