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Best Skateboards for Beginners

Beginner Skateboards

Picking out a skateboard for the first time can be intimidating. With so many options available at Shred Shop, we’ve put together an essential guide to picking out the right set up for what you need.

For The Kids

If you’ve been wanting to grab that first skateboard for the kiddos and introduce them to skateboarding, the perfect first setup is a youth complete. Shred Shop carries a huge selection of brand name completes with quality parts. The smaller size is more manageable for the kiddos and the price won’t break the bank. Stocked with quality brand name trucks, wheels, and bearings these decks have a mellow concave for a board with easy feel and a better roll than “toy skateboards”. These completes are a perfect starting point to swap and customize parts as the little skater progresses. Complete skateboard set up’s like the Zero Bold Youth Complete Skateboard or the Enjoi Misfit Panda First Push Complete Skateboard are the perfect first board to learn the fundamentals.

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First Ever Push

For those of us that aren’t mini sized and have never stepped foot on a skateboard making the decision to buy a first skateboard can be seem overwhelming at first. If you’re looking to learn the basics of balancing and moving on a skateboard finding a forgiving and stable skateboard set up will give you the advantage. Skateboard decks come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Grab a cruiser deck for a skateboard with the maneuverability of a freestyle popsicle deck, but the stability and forgiveness of a longboard without all the board. The beauty of a cruiser shape is its wide deck and kick tail with mellow concave for a solid deck to push off of and learn your kick turns. When grabbing a first deck the best bang for your buck will always be a complete, pre-built with brand name parts that can be swapped out as you progress. Check out boards like the Santa Cruz Spiral Cruiser Complete or the Globe Burner Complete ready to skate.

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Take It To The Skatepark

So you’ve pushed around your friends’ boards for a while and it’s time to get your own. Or you used to have one as a kid and want to pick it up again. Whatever your reason for wanting a skateboard if you know the basics and want to take it up a notch a popsicle skateboard complete is the way to go. Skate industry brand name completes always come with quality trucks, wheels, and ABEC rated bearings at a price that won’t empty your wallet. A popsicle deck is shaped for tricks and technical progression in the skatepark or out in the streets. If your deck breaks or you just want to upgrade your complete, swap out parts without having to grab a whole new set up. Get your ollies back on a skateboard like the Creature Logo Skateboard Complete Globe G1 Natives Skateboard Complete.

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Cruising The Streets

Looking to grab your first longboard? If the skatepark isn’t really your thing but you want the feel of a board under your feet so you can cruise around town, then a longboard complete is the answer. Longboards come in a ton of shapes and sizes so deciding on a solid first board can be daunting. Find an easy to ride deck shape with a wide deck and mellow concave. Look for drop through trucks that set you lower to the ground for a more stable ride. All of our longboard completes are equipped with specialized longboard trucks, wheels, and bearings to give you a smooth ride that goes farther with every push. The Rayne Supreme Longboard Complete and Globe Geminon 40 Longboard Complete check all the boxes and are awesome choices for a first longboard.

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No matter what you’re looking for in a first skateboard our selection skateboard and longboard completes at Shred Shop are the perfect answer. Completes take the guess work out of choosing Decks, Trucks, Wheels, and Bearings without compromising on quality at a price point that makes sense for first time riders.