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BMX Size Guide

BMX Size Guide

Buying a BMX Bike online is easier if you know your bike size. With so many BMX bikes on the market finding the right size bike depends on the your height and style of ride. This guide will help you understand how to narrow down the right size for you. We’ll cover BMX bike sizing based on key parts that make up a BMX bike build.

Rider Height

Under 5 ft Tall?

Best place to start is with your height to determine what BMX Bike size range you fall into. If you’re 5ft or shorter a standard sized BMX Bike will be too big, too heavy, and hard to control. The Micro Mini, Mini, and Junior bike sizes cater to this height range by offering a more manageable bike size.

Over 5ft Tall?

Over 5ft tall riders step up to a standard sized BMX bike. This size range falls into the Expert, Pro, and Pro XL bike sizes. While bikes in the Expert and Pro bike sizes are primarily Freestyle BMX Bikes, Pro and Pro XL sizes cross over styles of riding to Race and Cruiser BMX bikes. Your rider height gives you a starting point and a range of bikes to choose from. Your style of riding will help you narrow things down.

Size Matters

Most adult freestyle BMX bikes have 20in wheels and are sized according to the length of the top tube on the frame of the bike. Freestyle breaks down to Flatland, Street, Park, and Dirt.

Flatland BMX Bikes

Flatland BMX
  • Shorter tubing all around
  • Compact setup
  • Shorter top tube
  • Shorter seat stay

= More maneuverability on your bike.

Street and Park BMX Bikes

Street & Park BMX
  • Slightly longer top tube than Flatland
  • Re-moveable U-Brakes with giro to spin handlebars freely

= More stability

Dirt BMX Bikes

Dirt BMX Bikes
  • Longer top tube
  • Thicker tires for dirt terrain

= Stability at higher speeds

Race and Classic Cruiser BMX Bikes

Race BMX Bikes
  • Larger Wheels
  • Longer top tube
  • Slacker head angle (puts you further back on bike)
  • Longer wheelbase (puts you further back on bike)

= More balance for wheelies on your Cruiser BMX Bike

= More stability while racing around the track on your Race BMX Bike

Start With Shred For BMX

Now that you know your size, grab a BMX Bike that fits you AND your riding style. Be sure to check out our Buyer’s Guide for more information about the different styles of BMX Bikes or ask our experts. Customize your bike with parts and accessories or shop for Skateboard and Snowboard gear! Then sign up to ride for Shred and enjoy the benefits of our Team Rider program!