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Skateboard Sizing Guide

Skateboard Sizing Guide

Choose the Right Size for You

If you’re looking to buy a skateboard deck or complete from Shred Shop a major deciding factor would be the board size. Standard popsicle shaped skateboards are sized by the width of the deck. Since skateboarding is based so much on individual preference it can be hard to narrow it down. Rider height, shoe size, and riding style factor into the right board size. These are some guidelines you should follow to figure out what works for you.

It Starts With You

A big part of sizing is making sure the board fits the height of the rider. Your rider height can determine what skateboard size range you fit into. Kids 4’5″ and under are gonna have a hard time controlling a standard skateboard deck so the kiddos have their own category. Mini skateboards are sized at 7.5″ wide and under, and are slightly shorter than the standard deck sizes. This makes it easier to push for the little groms at a size that’s lighter and easier to control while they learn. For skaters 4’5″ to about 5’6″ we suggest a board sized between 7.5″ and 8.12″. If you’re 5’6″ or taller anything from a 7.75″ deck or wider is recommended.

You Know What They Say About Big Feet…

Shoe size matters when you’re buying a skateboard. Skateboarding requires a good fit between the board and your feet for technical tricks and maneuverability. Your feet need to be balanced on the board so you have control. The bigger your feet, the wider the board needs to be. A good indication of size is when your toes and heels to hang off the edges of your board slightly when you stand on it. If the board is wider than the length of your shoe you’re gonna have a hard time. If the board is too narrow it’ll be unstable. Trust what feels good, stand on a few deck sizes.

What’s Your Style

You can fine tune your skateboard deck size based on how you like to skate. If you’re more of a technical or street skater and want to focus on flip tricks grabbing a more narrow board in your size range will give you more control. A wider board will add weight and more surface area making it harder to flip. For skaters that hit the skatepark and ride ramps or skate the local bowl you’ll want a wider deck to handle the verticle transitions. A wider deck in your size range will give you stability and surface area under your feet for better board feel and hold at higher speeds.

Using these tricks and tips for finding the right sized board can make the selection process easier when you’re shopping on Knowing which skateboard width is right for you is key in finding the right sized Skateboard Deck or Skateboard Complete.