SkateLong BoardsSwell Stringer 22 Inch Cruiser Skateboard
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The Swell Stringer Cruiser Skateboard was created from years of experience riding the streets of Santa Barbara and around Lake Tahoe. The high strength polymer deck has just enough flexibility(but not too much to so it will handle the daily use). It has a waffle non slip surface that never wears out, plus polyurethane wheels that are slightly larger than your typical board so you can get over those small imperfections in the road.

  • DECK- Airy Blue with Stringer design on the bottom
  • TRUCKS- White hanger and base, 356 cast aluminum
  • WHEELS-White, Size-59mm Softness-83A
  • BEARINGS-Airy Blue ABEC 7 with high speed oil
  • BUSHINGS- Airy Blue, 87a
  • BOLTS- White, high tensile strength steel

Swell Stringer 22 Inch Cruiser Skateboard

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