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We carry quality Skateboard Trucks from the best brands in the industry.

Trucks will likely outlast any part on your deck, made from durable materials to cater to what you want. It’s important to get the right pair for your skating needs, they're the glue that holds the whole thing together. The size of truck you need depends on the size of your deck and wheels. If your trucks are too small your deck will be unstable, too big and you lose agility. There are 3 truck heights to consider depending on your wheel size for skateboard trucks. The standard height is the go-to, all-around truck height. Low trucks are great for technical tricks, more hangar clearance for grinds and a lower center of gravity for stability. High trucks have a longer kingpin to compensate for larger wheel sizes and gives you a tighter turning radius.

Ask our experts or check out the trucks section in our Skateboard Buyer’s Guide for help picking out the perfect trucks.

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