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Snowboard Size Chart

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Start By Weight

The most accurate way to determine the size range for a snowboard is by your weight. A rider’s weight distribution along the surface area of the board has a direct effect on the way a board responds and performs. So even if a rider that weighs the same is taller they still distribute the same amount of weight into the board. Other factors like riding level, style, and terrain can narrow down the right size for you in your range.

Thankfully most board sizes will accommodate most boot sizes so you don’t have to worry about finding the correct width for your board. But if your feet are huge and your boot size is 12+ then a wide board option would be best.

Men’s Snowboard Size Chart:

Men's Snowboard Size Chart

Women’s Snowboard Size Chart:

Youth Snowboard Size Chart:

Let’s Get Specific

Where do you ride?

East coast? West coast? Midwest? Where you ride can play a major roll in riding conditions and the type of performance you want out of your board. If you’re only riding your local hill, chances are you’re not riding fresh powder. This means you would size toward the middle or lower end of your size range for a more manageable board that’s easier to control on shorter runs with less space. If you take a few trips to real snow or ride different types of terrain, a versatile board is ideal so grab something in the middle of your size range. Lucky enough to be a Mountain Resort bum? Or riding Backcountry all day? You’ll need a board that can ride those powder days. Stick with a board in the middle or top of your size range, more board = more float in harder to ride powder. Getting the right board for you is more than just conditions and terrain.

Riding level, performance, types of snowboards, and board technology can also play a role in finding the right size and snowboard for you!

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