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Skateboards - July 28, 2021
Longboard Trucks Guide

Longboard Truck Guide

Longboard Trucks hold all of the parts of your board together and play a huge role in the way your board will ride. Longboard Trucks have an even bigger impact on the way your board moves than a traditional Skateboard. We’ll break down the three main types of Longboard Trucks and guide you through the…

BMX - July 16, 2021

BMX Bike Assembly Guide

I Bought A Bike Now What? Thanks for shopping at Shred Shop. We’re stoked you chose to buy your BMX Bike from us. Before we shipped your BMX Bike, our pro assembly techs carefully prepped the bike for shipping. There are a few steps to follow to finish assembling your bike when it arrives. Before…

Skateboards - July 1, 2021
Types Of Skateboarding

Types Of Skateboarding

Skateboarding has come a long way over the years, and has evolved into two mainstays: Skateboards and Longboards. Skateboarding is at the heart of skate culture. It’s about progression and pushing the creative limits of skating your environment. Longboarding was born from the roots of skateboarding in surf culture. Whether you’re carving through the streets…

Skateboards - June 25, 2021
Longboard Buyer's Guide

Longboard Buyer’s Guide

Longboards are the most versatile form of skateboarding. From cruising pools to bombing hills, longboards are a great way to get around and carve up the road. There’s a Longboard out there for every style of riding imaginable. Based on deck construction, features and parts — this comprehensive guide will help you choose the right…

BMX - June 17, 2021
BMX Size Guide

BMX Size Guide

Buying a BMX Bike online is easier if you know your bike size. With so many BMX bikes on the market finding the right size bike depends on the your height and style of ride. This guide will help you understand how to narrow down the right size for you. We’ll cover BMX bike sizing…

Skateboards - June 9, 2021
Skateboard Sizing Guide

Skateboard Sizing Guide

Choose the Right Size for You If you’re looking to buy a skateboard deck or complete from Shred Shop a major deciding factor would be the board size. Standard popsicle shaped skateboards are sized by the width of the deck. Since skateboarding is based so much on individual preference it can be hard to narrow…

Skateboards - June 3, 2021
Beginner Skateboards

Best Skateboards for Beginners

Picking out a skateboard for the first time can be intimidating. With so many options available at Shred Shop, we’ve put together an essential guide to picking out the right set up for what you need. For The Kids If you’ve been wanting to grab that first skateboard for the kiddos and introduce them to…

BMX - May 28, 2021

BMX Buyer’s Guide

We carry a huge selection of the best brands in the BMX Bike industry at There is a bike for every level and progression of BMX riding. With so many types of BMX bikes on the market finding the right bike depends on the style of ride. BMX bikes fall into a few categories,…

Skateboards - May 6, 2021
Skateboard getting it's trucks tightened.

Skateboard Buyer’s Guide

How to choose the right skateboard for the skatepark. With so many choices in Skateboards available at, what should you look for to find your perfect setup?

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