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Skateboard Decks For Sale At Shred Shop

Shred Shop has a ton of the best Skateboard Decks for sale. We carry the best quality skate decks from brands that are the best in the industry including: Element, Enjoi, and Santa Cruz.

Shop popsicle, cruiser, and longboard shapes for different styles of skating. Whether you're looking for more board feel and mellow concave or you want the responsiveness of a deck with deeper concave we have the right size and shape to hit the street.

We have the best skateboard decks for beginners with kids decks 7.5 inches wide and less. We also have the best decks for seasoned skaters with 7.75 inch skateboard decks and wider.

Ask our experts or check out our Skateboard Buying Guide for help picking out the perfect skateboard. Grab everything you need to get out and skate in one place! Check out even more exclusive skate benefits when you Sign Up to become a Team Rider.

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